Annuity Seminar Alternative Cheat Sheet

Annuity Seminar Alternative

Cheat Sheet

Download your FREE two-page guide and learn the post COVID-19 seminar-alternative marketing solution to finding and closing huge annuity cases and earning a 10x ROI on your marketing spend

Let’s face it, even before COVID-19 made it impossible to host large client events, for many advisors, seminars and workshops just haven't worked as well as they used to. Advisors and marketers today are forced to innovative and find solutions that deliver new prospects elsewhere.

Download your free cheat sheet and learn an alternative to client seminars and workshops.

In it you will learn:

  • A simple 3-step seminar replacement system that doesn’t involve you buying unqualified internet leads
  • How you can leverage Direct Response Mass Media to generate 100s of inbound phone calls
  • The correct strategy for nurturing leads that positions you as an expert and not a pest